Choosing the right type of ladies shoes for any occasion

Choosing the right type of ladies shoes for any occasion

Choosing the Right Shoes:

Before you delve into the world of shoe shopping, there are some basic points to think about. For example, will you be wearing the shoe for work or is it for a special occasion? Do you spend long periods on your feet or walk long distances? Do you know your size and, just as importantly, the width of your foot?

There is more to selecting comfortable footwear than simply checking that the box contains a right and left. Thanks to advances in design and manufacturing, today's shopper can find comfortable shoes for any occasion. Shoes available in both wide- and narrow-fitting varieties ensure a snug and comfortable fit, so it’s worth thinking about whether or not they would be best for you. Padded insoles and breathable materials all add to an enhanced level of comfort. Shoes of this type are often chosen by busy professionals like nurses or doctors.

However, most buyers are searching for a specific shoe. Let's take a closer look at some of today's most popular shoe styles.

  • Flats:
    When we talk about flat shoes we could be referring to ballerinas or brogues, slides or slippers, lace-up shoes or slip-on loafers, and moccasins. Flat shoes can be almost completely flat, but the term often simply means shoes that have a very small, barely perceptible heel.

  • Ballerinas:
    A simple, slip-on shoe is inspired by the classic footwear worn by ballerinas. The name is kind of a giveaway. These elegant shoes are both fashionable and comfortable and can be worn in any setting. Equally at home in the office or in the park, these simple flats are versatile. Choose casual styles in fabric or man-made materials for off-duty wear or invest in glamorous designer styles for special evening events. Our simple slippers are perfect for any age group and character-themed ballerinas are very popular with younger fashion fans.

  • Lace-up flats:
    Lace-up styles like brogues or oxfords make the perfect partner for trousers, jeans  or maxi dresses. Oxfords have plain uppers while brogues tend to have a punched design. Both styles are based on men's shoes, but women's lace-ups come in a vast range of colors and finishes. Leopard print, hot pink, metallic or shiny black patent – the choices are endless. The laces give a firm fit that is a real advantage if you're on your feet for extended periods.

  • Loafers and slip-on:
    From the classic penny loafer to pretty pastel colored boat shoes, there are loafers and slip-on to suit all tastes. These stylish shoes go with everything and they can be easily adapted to your individual style. Team them with wide-legged palazzo pants for a sophisticated evening look or wear them with cigarette pants for the office.

  • Heels
    Every woman loves heels, whether they are chunky platform shoes or skyscraper stilettos. During the 16th century, high-heeled shoes become something of a fashion statement among the aristocracy and trendsetters of the day. Often, heels were so high that these early fashion victims needed a helping hand from a servant to walk. In Venice, they evolved into stilt like creations and the trend got so out of hand that a law was passed to regulate heel height. Today's heels range from low (less than 2.5 inches) to mid-height (between 2.5 and 3.5 inches). That’s not to mention high, which is anything above, although shoes that crack the mark of 6 inches are no longer considered as apparel, but some kind of jewelry for the feet.

  • Court shoes and pumps:
    This classic style is one of the most popular and versatile. Usually lower heel shoes without any straps. The court shoe is defined by a narrow heel, a pointed or rounded toe and closed back. Variations include the stiletto and the peep-toe court. These elegant shoes are perfect for the office, though you should choose a height that you're comfortable with.

  • Platforms and wedges:
    These are excellent solution if you want the height without the wobble. The platform or wedge allows you to wear a higher shoe while keeping the sole of your foot relatively flat. Platform shoes are normally a basic, two-part design with separate heel and sole, while wedges are defined by their solid, unified sole. The style first became popular in the 1940s and enjoyed a renaissance during the 70s glam rock era. Today, platforms and wedges are true classics and can be worn with vintage-inspired looks, jeans or party dresses.

  • Mules:
    Mules are simply shoes without a back, though the description generally refers to wedges or heels. These shoes are perfect for summer wear and the style has been adapted into mule slippers for indoor wear. Today's mules come in a vast range of styles, colors and textures. From suede and patent leather to denim or satin these shoes can be worn with Capri pants or shorts, or with glamorous evening gowns. 

  • Sandals:
    Strapped heeled sandals are one of the most popular shoe styles. Explore our vast range of colors, designs, finishes and materials from high street brands and leading designers. Team high-heeled sandals with a chic jersey dress to create a summer office outfit or wear them with jeans on holiday. Sandals are favored by all ages and there are heel heights to suit everyone.

  • Athletic and sports-inspired shoes:
    Trainers, sneakers as they are known in the US, are shoes based on running or sports designs. Women of all ages choose them as a casual shoe and they're easily teamed with dresses, skirts, shorts, sports clothing or jeans. Athletic shoes are designed for a purpose such as running, cross-training or outdoor use, and feature special materials or soles to enhance performance.

  Ankle length, knee length and thigh length boots can be worn as a         fashionable finish to outfits at any time of year. However, they are ideal for   winter wear and you should bear outdoor conditions in mind when choosing high stiletto heels don't work well on icy streets but they're fantastic for         clubbing and parties.
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